Brad Barlow

Brad Barlow

What can I tell you? I love portrait photography. I love eating at my favorite restaurants. I love music and movies that make me cry. And I love my family: between the two of us, my girlfriend Misty and I have 9 kids and I’m not sure how many cats.

I grew up here in Idaho Falls. My first gig in show business (haha) was as a clerk at a local videostore called Digital Doohickeys. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I had that same job at the record store Sam Goody in the Grand Teton Mall. Now that I think about it, I’ve only had the most fun jobs.

The best one of all was hosting a radio morning show with my longtime partner, Tara Moss. The Brad & Tara morning show memories are such a part of my everyday life. We had so many laughs and made great friends for over 15 years. I stepped away from radio for a few years to run my photography business and I’m so grateful to Sandhill Media for giving me the opportunity to light up a microphone again. Tune in! I’ll talk to you soon.

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